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Income Tax services

Personal Income Tax

Individual Income Tax (Form 1040)

We can help you with your Income Tax preparation . We are part of Directory  of Federal Tax  Return Preparer  with Credentials and qualifications-AFSP to assist you with your Income Taxes.

Corporate Income Tax (Forms 1120 or Form 1120S)

The form of business you operate determines what taxes you must pay and how you pay them. We can handle your Business Income Tax.

The profit of a corporation is taxed to the corporation when earned, and then is taxed to the shareholders when distributed as dividends.  

 S corporations are corporations that elect to pass corporate income, losses, deductions, and credits through to their shareholders for federal tax purposes.  

Partnership or LLC Income Tax (Form 1065)

A partnership must file an annual information return to report the income, deductions, gains, losses, etc., from its operations, but it does not pay income tax. Instead, it "passes through" any profits or losses to its partners. Each partner includes his or her share of the partnership's income or loss on his or her tax return. 

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a business structure allowed by state statute. Each state may use different regulations, and you should check with your state if you are interested in starting a Limited Liability Company. Our tax preparation service in south Florida: Homestead, Doral, Kendall, Coral Gables, and nationwide.

Foreign Income Tax (Form 1040 NR, Form 1042)

 You may need to file Form 1040-NR if you:

  • Were a nonresident alien engaged in a trade or business in the United States.
  • Represented a deceased person who would have had to file Form 1040-NR.
  • Represented an estate or trust that had to file Form 1040-NR


Use form 1042 to report:

  • income and amounts withheld as described in the Instructions for Form 1042-S,
  • specified Federal procurement payments paid to foreign persons that are subject to withholding under section 5000C, and
  • distributions of effectively connected income by a publicly traded partnership or nominee.

Self-Employment Tax

Self-employment tax (SE tax) is a social security and Medicare tax primarily for individuals who work for themselves. Your payments of SE tax contribute to your coverage under the social security system. 

Estimated Taxes

Generally, you must pay taxes on income, including self-employment tax, by making regular payments of estimated tax during the year.

Tax Solutions

Tax Preparation Services: Personal and Business Income Tax.

IRS Payment Plans

A payment plan is an agreement with the IRS to pay the taxes you owe within an extended timeframe.  

IRS Penalties

Penalties and interest stop accruing as soon as you pay your balance in full.Common penalties include:

  • Failure to file – when you don't file your tax return by the return due date, April 15, or extended due date if an extension to file is requested and approved
  • Failure to pay – when you don't pay the taxes reported on your return in full by the due date, April 15. An extension to file doesn't extend the time to pay.
  • Failure to pay proper estimated tax - when you don’t pay enough taxes due for the year with your quarterly estimated tax payments when required
  • Dishonored check - when your bank doesn't honor your check or other form of payment 

Payroll Tax Problems

 When you have employees, you as the employer have certain employment tax responsibilities that you must pay and forms you must file. If you need assisted, feel free you contact us. 

State Payroll Tax Problems

 You must file a report even if you owe no tax or do not have any wages to report.  

CAA- Certify Acceptance Agent

The Certifying Acceptance Agent facilitates the application process by reviewing the necessary documents, authenticating the identity when able and forwarding the completed forms to IRS to get an ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)