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Accounting, Bookkeeping, payroll, Income Tax, Notary, others


Incorporate your new business


Choose  the type of  entity your business  needs (S Corp., Corporation, Single member LLC or Partnership), apply for  an  Employer Identification Number (EIN),  Fictitious name (DBA-Doing business as), business licenses & Permits, Annual Report, Amended, change or add directors or partners, and others.




Accounting  service for interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting, and summarizing the financial data monthly, quarterly or annually.


Bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping services to identify, measure and record all financial transactions. 

Individual and Business Income Tax



We’re dedicated to our clients. This keeps us current on tax laws so we’ are always ready for the toughest situations.  We work hard and long hours when they need us—even after tax season.   We can assist you  to do your Installment Plan Agreement and Penalty Abatement.

Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)



Certifying Acceptance Agent (CAA)  to assist individuals and foreign individuals whom do not qualify for a Social Security Number but still need a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) to file a Form 1040 and other tax schedules. 




Assist and manage payroll, federal and state tax presentation if you have employees or if you are an Officer  or Shareholder of a Corporation (S Corp or C Corp ) who receives compensation in your business.

Workers Compensation


Helping your business stay compliant and protected from Employee Liability through our partners. Able to process State exemptions for owners as well. 

FIRPTA Certificate


Assist to foreign sellers to get this Certificate;  "If the seller is a foreign entity subject to FIRPTA, the purchaser must withhold a portion of the purchase price".

Tax Planning


Manage your financial tax planning efficiency to avoid excessive taxes at the end of the year. 

Notary Public



Administer oaths, take acknowledgments of deeds and other instruments, attest to or certify photocopies of certain documents and perform other duties specified by Law. We are not a lawyer.



"A legal certification that makes a document from one country valid in another"  The Secretary of State will Apostille or recognize the commission of a Florida notary or a Florida elected official for the certain documents.


Perform Marriage Ceremony

We may  perform your marriage ceremony within the geographical boundaries of Florida State. 

Ceremonies may also be held at our Miami location.

Other Services

Income Tax Course


 Our tax course is aimed at people who want to engage in professional tax practice and for those who want to know more about tax laws. We have theoretical and practical classes which allow them to understand the law. The practice is in real practice software. Our Course is for Spanish Speakers.

Business Licenses and Permits


"All businesses must have the proper registrations, licenses or permits before they can legally open for business. Businesses are subject to municipal, county, state and federal requirements. Regulations vary by industry, so it's very important to understand the licensing rules where your business is located"

Documents Shipping


Thanks to strategic alliance, we can cover shipping documents within the 5 continents with highly competitive rates. DHL Express.

Credit Repair


We make credit repair fast, easy and effective.

We work with the largest credit reporting agencies: Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and creditors to solve the elements that must be eliminated, updated or re-characterized

Virtual Office


 A virtual office refers to a company that may not have a fixed location yet. We provide you with a prime business and mailing address in Miami. Other additional options include mail handling and telephone answering services.